Friday, March 5, 2010

Care for a glass of leafy drink? What about a dip in herbs, or a dash of powdered grass on your sunny-side-up breakfast?  Yes, grass. Just one of my sister's typical days. 

I think it's the desire to be healthy. This lure of going back to basic can count me in. If you enjoy great taste in processed foods, then her ground sage and cinnamon, or thyme leaves sprinkled on your food may not bring you good taste, but she is just probably right, our diet is our foundation, we may not like the taste of raw and plant-based foods, nor we have to sacrifice the taste we love whatsoever to be healthy, but an open mind almost certainly can prove this to ourselves too.

Give her soda or green tea, and she will pick the oozing steepiness over the choice of a cold drink. That's pretty healthy! Her suggestion of a cup warm water in a teaspoonful of apple cider vinegar first thing of the day helps normalize weight. In my case, I add raw honey for some sweetness and healthiness.  You too can discover the health benefits of apple cider vinegar with honey, and in a nutshell, beauty from within.  

Spending days at her home was really like straight eating for me, but I've never felt so revived. "No sugar", imagine that!  But looking forward to the benefits of wellness in less sugar, you would grab every chance of it. "Just fish, no meat", again that was another challenge. Although the weight was on a seemingly leafy lifestyle, weekends would be fiesta for the children (and me), the eat all you want days! You can eat pork, lavish on soda and you can feast on sugar, I bet.

Have you tried lemon and olive oil rubbed on your body? Amazing! It works wonders on the skin! Perhaps it feels like being blanded in oil, but this is really worth a try. I wouldn't wonder if one day she puts up her perfumed herbs and spices massage business. Right amount of sleep, eight glasses of water, regular exercise, no soda, no junks, no sugar, no meat, but plain earthy on the weekdays makes her a little funny, but honestly, all was healthy.

Now, what is latest in her? Spirulina powder and Barley juice, her newest grass collection. That's my sister. My lesson taught? Truly it is never yet late to go back to green solutions and be healthier than we probably are now. So, are you ready to get your share of leaves next time? I'll get mine soon.

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